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All work no play? 

110% grinding is not a sustainable long term! Even if your work/ business is your passion, ensure you find mentally soothing rituals which enable you to release stress and resume work focused, sharp and resourceful.

We believe in working tirelessly for achieving what you want to achieve. However, you may want to use your self-awareness and feedback to analyse how effective your performance is whilst in this exhausted state. Work 15 hours if you must, but we extremely encourage a form of self-expressed release. Also, can consider how you work, do you work from home? If so, there are strong links to mental effects directly related to working from home. Particularly if you’re alone, in this case, we advise you to search for freelance working spaces in your local area. This is a great way to network and bounce ideas from one another to gain critical feedback and even meet clients. Search online for freelance working spaces, some of which are FREE, This is a no brainer.

So if you do hustle all day, we recommend making a few small changes such as personal therapy and freelance working spaces so that your mental health remains don’t seriously suffer and you can continue to shine.

Articles on personal therapies will be released later this month.


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July 2017


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