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Turn negativity into positive action – Part 1

We all have a pet hate that gets under our skin, particularly if you’re a person sensitive to your environment. The ideal scenario is to not lose your cool about life’s unfortunate occurrences, but in the real world, there are times where negative energy dims your shine. So, when the meditation fails or if meditation isn’t for you, Evolve Together recommends that you do not block out the negative energy, but instead take some time to think about how you can benefit from the negativity, whatever it may be. Now think about the last thing that really got you down, annoyed or angry, now think about what you can learn from that situation so that when it happens again, you’re training yourself not to react in a which brings you down.


“Great, but how?!”

Self-expression is huge in the balance of mental health, and the proof is clear. As previously mentioned, we do not recommend blocking out emotions as they build up and explode like a volcano. Instead, we invite you to acknowledge and release these strong emotions by transmuting them into something else, use it fuel. Every person on the plant has a natural passionate talent which they can tirelessly perform. For example, if you’re a musical person, put it into the music Can’t sing? Write an article, find writing boring? There’s nothing like the adrenaline of contact sports. See the link here? A wise man once told me to fall in love with the journey of life, ride the waves, the ups and the downs. Even in the most stressful times, you can release stress and may even find a hidden talent. Think about it, many of the best songs have been written prior to heartbreak, many of the most successful sportspeople have turned to sports as a form of therapy, singer Adele and boxer Anthony Joshua are prime examples of this.


Save this article and revisit this page when you’re stressed!

The situation you find you find yourself in may be an environment you can become stronger and wiser from you if you can practice and master this method regularly. So, our final piece of advice is to practice adapting your mindset so that you remain balanced in life, but when the negativity gets the better of you, remember this article, find your release, and turn negative energy into positive action. This article is a two-part sequence more to follow, stay tuned.


Evolve Together

January 2018


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This ones great for every day mental-health and entrepreneur dreamers. We all have something that plays inthe back of our mind and clogs up prescious space in our head. For this article I invite you to take one small step to overcoming a fear and observe how this makes you feel,

What stops you achieving your dreams? Most likely it’s fear in one form or another. Scared to be judged, scared to take a test, scared of getting started, scared of failure…

Make a list of anything you fear big or small, and overcome them in small steps one by one and I guarantee you’ll feel like you’re capable of anything.

We’re serious here, we believe success in any form is a matter of the ability to overcome. Now if you programme your brain with the familiar pattern of distancing yourself when faced with a fear, then surely you’re only strengthinging “flight” rather than “fight.”

Right so doing this is almost like resisting a natural instict which is why we do tend to distance ourself in the emotion of fear. But if we can reprogramme our mind, and train our brain in to sensing fear, processing and accepting the fear, then taking minor steps forward to overcome that fear how do you think our brain will react when the next fearful event comes along? That’s right we get stronger, facing fear isn’t an unfamiliar feeling! We’re in the mindset to overcome, and each time you succeed, your will gets stronger, your confidence improves, you become fearless!

So about the list of fears you’re about to create, go back to a time when you got nervous, sacred or embarrassed. Remember the events that made you feel this way and list them. Now it’s up to you whether you want to take the leap into the deep end or take baby steps. That one is for you to decide as we all have different levels of fear and courage, but one thing is for sure, you must…

D. W

July 2017


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All work no play? 

110% grinding is not a sustainable long term! Even if your work/ business is your passion, ensure you find mentally soothing rituals which enable you to release stress and resume work focused, sharp and resourceful.

We believe in working tirelessly for achieving what you want to achieve. However, you may want to use your self-awareness and feedback to analyse how effective your performance is whilst in this exhausted state. Work 15 hours if you must, but we extremely encourage a form of self-expressed release. Also, can consider how you work, do you work from home? If so, there are strong links to mental effects directly related to working from home. Particularly if you’re alone, in this case, we advise you to search for freelance working spaces in your local area. This is a great way to network and bounce ideas from one another to gain critical feedback and even meet clients. Search online for freelance working spaces, some of which are FREE, This is a no brainer.

So if you do hustle all day, we recommend making a few small changes such as personal therapy and freelance working spaces so that your mental health remains don’t seriously suffer and you can continue to shine.

Articles on personal therapies will be released later this month.


Evolve Together

July 2017