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The wheel of life

Feeling down? Use this exercise to rate each aspect of your life to pin-point exactly which sector needs more care. Join the marks to form a spider diagram. From this you can formulate an action plan moving forward.Honesty and self-awareness is crucial for this exercise! 🐛>>>🦋

Remember, when you find the weak link, you can do another one of these exercises based on that one single aspect! So if you identify your career as your weak link. Do another exercise and label the individual sectors; Charisma, technical skills, creative problem solving, building client rapport, motivation.. and so on. This exercise works exceptionally well if you get another person who knows you well to complete the wheel for you. Self-awareness and honesty is critical to get the most out of this one. 
We love to hear back from everyone interacting with our page. Why not try out this exercise and tell us what you discovered? And if you need help, well then that is why we exist! 


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